Geographical Information System (GIS) for Colleges Functions - Advantages

GIS System for Colleges :- Geographical Information System

The NCTE system has launched a new system to stop mishandling, happenings or corruption which goes in colleges. NCTE has launched this system in around 6000 colleges all over the India in which around 850 colleges are from Rajasthan and 250 are from Jaipur only.

With the help of this GIS system the colleges including courses B.ed,M.ed,STC etc including other courses are involved and can gather each and every information of the colleges online and used to stop happenings and corruption in the colleges. This system is helpful for the common man to find the information regarding vacancies of seats,affiliation of course and many more things regarding the colleges.

GIS System Functions :-

NCTE has declared that this system will be launched in around 10/20 days or starting week of october. The colleges who will not follow this system in 10 days are kept in the violation area or period and strict action has to be taken and if required the affiliation of the particular college can also be cancelled.

Dr.S.K.Chauhan the Director of NCTE has given this information to each colleges online.he also informed that this system is prepared under the guidance of Human Resource Department of India and the first states which will include and follow this system are Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttrakhand,Punjab, Chandigarh, U.P., Delhi and Haryana. The website of NCTE will include an option of GIS and with the help of this link each college has to fill the form and then the form will be checked by the NCTE and if all data is correct NCTE will give it an OK signal.

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Advantages of GIS :-

1. Some institutes and colleges are pursuing without the affiliation,with the help of this system the exposure of these college 
comes in the public.
2. The location of each college can be found through the GPS because the form of this system includes details about latitude and longitude so that it can be in the eyes that the college is present in the correct direction or not.
3. Vacancies of seats and the time period and affliction for each course is also known.
4. All directions are given by the NCTE directly.
5. Wrong number of students and teachers is also found.
6. This system will also act an application for the students and the involved colleges.

After all this procedure each student can check the name or organisation involved with the institute also management category,category of institutes,the institute is in composite category or in management category is also checked. Geographical Information System (GIS) system will give information about the validation of the courses,inquiry number,address of the particular officer and also can check that which university is in which region.

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